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The services we offer include:

All phases of motorcycle repair:
Tires - Brakes - Cables - Spark Plugs - Oil & Filters - Wheels - Chrome accessories
bulletOEM scheduled services from dealer prep to 100,000 mile service
bulletDyno Jet Tuning
bulletEngine and Transmission rebuilding
bulletFlow Bench Work



bulletStock Cylinder head reconditioning
bulletStock cylinder head clearancing for larger cams (usually requires new valve spring set)
bulletExhaust stud repair
bulletMilling Surfaces
bulletRepairing spark plug holes
bulletReplacing valve seats
bulletRepair worn/stripped holes, i.e. manifold, rocker box, etc... from installing
time serts to drilling out, welding, milling and drilling
and tapping a new hole.


Stage I: My Full Radius Serdi valve job with your stock valves, blend valve job into bowl area, mill heads to set compression ratio, using your stock guides and springs.
$399 using stock Harley castings.

Stage II: Light/Mild porting of both intake and exhaust ports; my full radius Serdi valve job with 1.900" intake valves and 1.625" exhaust valves; my SPS185VS Spring Kit.  Four Manganese Bronze, shouldered valve guides or we can use your stock guides if you prefer.  Parts and Labor: $839.75
(mill heads to set compression ratio using stock Harley castings)

Stage III: Heavy/Full port work on intake and exhaust ports as well as the combustion chamber.  My Full Radius Serdi valve job using 1.900" intake valves (1.940" and 2.000" optional) and 1.625" exhaust valves with my SPS185VS Spring Set.
Tapered and shouldered Manganese Bronze guides, Viton seals, milled to set compression ratio.  Parts and Labor $969.95 using stock Harley castings.


NOTE: When a cam over .600" lift is used I strongly suggest a valve spring upgrade to Bob Wood's
Knight Prowler Spring Set.  The kit uses PSI wire and Titanium top retainers. 
Knight Prowler Spring Upgrade: $170.00
All Stage III heads come with a Tech Sheet showing all clearances and a Flow Test Data Sheet showing flow figures
at six different lifts on each port.



We have several different CNC programs for Twin Cam cylinder heads as well as a program for EVO heads.
Some of our CNC programs are:

bullet Twin Cam stock diameter port with 1.900" intake valves and 1.625" exhaust
bullet Twin Cam1.800" diameter port with 1.900" intake valves and 1.625" exhaust
bullet Twin Cam1.800" diameter port with 1.940" intake valves and 1.625" exhaust
bullet Twin Cam1.800" diameter port with 2.000" intake valves and 1.625" exhaust
bullet EVO stock diameter port with 1.900" intake valves and 1.625" exhaust

STAGE III CNC ported heads - Shouldered Manganese Bronze guides, 1.900" intake valves, 1.625" exhaust valves, stock diameter port milled to set compression, my Serdi Full Radius valve job, SPS185VS Spring Set: $1099.00 Exchange.

If you do not have a good clean set of heads for exhange, add $400 for core charge.

NOTE: At this time we do not have any EVO or late model Twin Cam Bagger, FLH heads (with motor mount on front of head) available for exchange.



bulletSerdi valve job inclding dissasembly, clean carbon from combustion
chambers & seats, cut seats, clean lube and assemble w/new seals  -  $225
bulletInstall seats, each $40.00 (does not include cost of new seats)
bulletCustom nodular iron seats, each $30.00
bulletMill heads, pair $70.00
bulletMill intake flange on heads, pair $90.00
bulletCut combustion chamber 30  pair $90.00
bulletMachine for compression releases - EVO, $100.00
bulletMachine for compression releases - Twin Cam, $50.00
bulletTurn valve head, reface and narrow margin, pair $35.00
bulletFinish custom titanium valves - turn o/d, grind face, shorten,
cut keeper groove, each $45.00
bulletShorten steel valve and cut keeper groove, each $25.00
bulletFit guides to valve stem - cast guides, Time and materials
bulletFit guides to valve stem - Manganese Bronze, each $5.00
bulletEnlarge intake port to 1.800" diameter, pair $60.00
bulletCC heads for combustion chamber volume, pair $20.00
bulletGlass Bead blast cleaning - $70.00 per hour


bulletBore and hone with torque plate, Twin Cam 88 to 95 or 96 to 103 cubic inches ($200)
bulletBore and hone with torque plate up to 0.04"  ($150)
bulletBore and hone with torque plate 883 to 1200 conversion ($250)
bulletTrue top of cylinders  -  each $35.00
bulletTrue bottom of cylinders  -  each $35.00


bulletBore for larger cylinders - Twin Cam $250.00  -  All others $150.00

Shop Labor rate: $70.00 per hour


WE SPECIALIZE IN BIG-HORSPOWER ENGINE MODIFICATIONS, from your Stock Engine size up to and beyond 131 cubic inches!


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