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Sam Evans started riding motorcycles in 1972.  He got his first Harley, a used 1973 XLCH kick start Sportster in 1973 and never looked back.
He was constantly changing things on his bike to make it look cooler or mostly to make it go faster.
In 1984 while racing his 111 cubic inch Shovelhead rigid frame in Gainesville, Florida he met a man that would influence his life's direction.  The late Jim Simpson of Simpson Speed Specialties from Stroudsburg, PA.  Jim was the hottest thing going at the time at the track with his modified S&S Super "D" Carbs and his unique looking velocity stacks he made for them. 
He was also an extremely talented cylinder head porter.
After having Jim port his heads, Sam was astounded by the horsepower increase and was convinced he needed to learn this craft.

After Sam set up his shop for porting heads he spent a month in Pennsylvania with Jim working 7 days a week learning everything he could.

Sam's Performance Specialties opened its doors in June, 1986 doing nothing but porting, polishing and flow testing cylinder heads for the first three years.

After hiring a factory trained mechanic to do his valve jobs so he could have more time for porting and port shape development, the natural progression was to find a big building and start a full fledged motorcycle repair shop.

That was more than 25 years ago, and Sam is still making Harleys haul ass, building dependable big-horsepower engines that run on pump gas and giving many years of reliable service.

Sam has sent his work as far away as Australia, Germany, France, England, Canada and all over the USA from Alaska to Florida.

If you have a cylinder head question or problem, Sam will usually have an answer and a solution for you!

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